An Immersive Historical Event

Gardiner's Muster!

A Central Activity For The Trayn’d Bandes

Our Annual Muster!

At official musters, the troops are exercised, armor examined, and many impressive martial feats are performed. Members of the Company and guests can camp at the Company’s central Virginia site or find accommodations at nearby hotels or other venues.

This immersive event is typically held on a Saturday in the late fall and attendees are expected to dress, act, and speak in a period manner. Gardiner’s Co. can provide instructions and support to help you achieve this goal. Please complete our contact form if you are interested in attending a future muster.

    • A Gardiner’s Company Muster normally begins at approximately 8:30 AM with breakfast followed by a drill of arms.
    • Soldiers are then allowed a brief respite followed by some practice at muskets.
    • Following a break for a mid-day meal, other martial pursuits such as archery and swordsmanship are practiced.
    • After the clark provides pay for the Muster, the afternoon is for relaxed games of bowles, shuttlecock, and other unsupervised and very uncoordinated displays of prowess.
    • This usually devolves into more revelry, games, music and telling of tall tales and sundry untruths.

Musters were social events, bringing out the parish for socializing and admiring soldiers as they perform feats of dauntless gallantry.

While armed combat wiles away much of our time, the families of the militia also participate in a variety of domestic activities such as cooking, knitting, embroidery, sewing, herbalism, woodworking, leather working, gambling and much more. At Muster, all participants strive to accurately recreate the time period while enjoying fine company and making good cheer!