Month: September 2012

Tavern site

Land has been cleared for the Tavern, and Kitchen, and a space to play away from the main house.

022 - Copy reduced
Wooded site prior to clearing

021 - Copy reducedMore woods with a pile of rocks, likely created many many years ago when the land was a farm.

029 - Copy reduced
Cleared land, making way for the Tavern

031 - Copy reduced
Laura shows where one of the corners of the tavern will be. You can see previous pile of rocks in the lower right of this image.

Fort Progress

Gardiner’s has worked to create a berm fort in Arvonia for fun skirmishing, etc.

026 - Copy reduced
Cleared center of the Fort, with earthen berms creating a perimeter.

Looking at one of the wattle fences used to hold the dirt back. More Fort

(Jane is but a simple girl, and honestly, it’s all dirt and walls to her.)