The Kitchen — Another Sequel

Chapter 36 — I am set on fire

So the cauldron corner has a doorway for the placement of fire wood or charcoal (preferred). I managed to find a plain cast iron one that was *mostly* the right size.

that’s it, down there

Owing to some physical issues, when I constructed the cauldron corner, the angle iron at the top of the opening ended up less-than- level. This made the left side too narrow for the new door frame. Rather than try to cut cast iron, I opted for cutting the brick at the top of the opening. This went well, until I ran into the angle iron.

Normally, cutting angle iron is no big deal. Metal blade on the grinder works quickly, albeit with a dramatic shower of sparks. Of course, that’s standing at a flat work surface. Cutting angle iron already cemented to brick, on the underside of the top of an opening only 13″ off the floor, where you lying in a 24″ wide nook is not like that. Except for the shower of sparks.

Yes, I wore eye protection, a face mask, and ear protection. I did not, however, have sideburn protection. As a result, I got side-burned, that is to say, a cascade of sparks were shot at me as the iron surrendered to the grinder. The tiny, ~1,000 degree grains of burning metal mostly just landed on the left side of my face, left arm and chest area, some on the top of my head. Nothing I couldn’t stand for, oh, 10 seconds or so, after which I had to stop and put myself out.

Anyway, the door frame’s in. Yay. Pictures later, after the adhesive dries, the door is installed, and I am back to a normal temperature.

(Seriously, I WAS ON FIRE!)

(But I got better)