Shirt Progress

Laura and Vic are making impressive strides on the creation of the shirts to go with the Governor’s new suits for Jamestown. Laura has completed one shirt, and is working on a drawnwork ruff and cuffs to go with it. Vic has completed the embroidery for the cuffs and collar of the other shirt and will soon begin assembly of the shirt with openwork seams.

Laura displays the length of one drawnwork cuff at 2.5 yards.
Laura displays the length of one drawnwork cuff at 2.5 yards.

Here are some more views of Laura’s work on the drawnwork cuffs and ruff, close ups of her stitching and the resulting pattern. Click on the small images for a larger view.

Completed drawnwork pattern
Laura works on the second row of drawn work on the edge of a cuff
Laura starting on the first row of drawnwork on the second cuff

Vic brought the cuffs and collar of the embroidered shirt to share.

Vic displays the embroidered cuffs and collar
Embroidered Cuffs
Embroidered collar detail

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  1. So where do I find the pattern? I have a few linen table cltohs that are just beautiful and belonged to my husbands Great Aunt. I love the shirt. It is so me too. Thank you for any responses.

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