Our AS50 Display

Gardiner’s Company put on an impressive display of talent in the arts of the Elizabethan era this Pennsic 44. Sunday afternoon in the Great Hall, as part of the Knowne World Arts and Sciences Display, members of Gardiner’s filled up a slew of tables with a wide variety of goods for all to see.

Zeke and Eleanor Hamilton’s brother man the display and answer questions. Shown here are a gorget by Rowland Smyth, a leather embroidered hat by Eleanor Abbott, turned canisters by Thomas Pennington, a cherry box by Robert the Younger, a bound book by young Charlie, and cross staff, box, and hour glass by Geoffrey Williams.

Wool/silk doublet with hand woven trim and hand wrapped buttons by Sydney Talbot, Mandillion based on a woodcut of Captain John Smith and a pair of bodies by Eleanor Hamilton, a knit cap by Emma Macconning, and some knit laborer’s caps by Jane Gravesend.

You can see even more items in a set on Flickr, from wooden stools and an amazing painting, to trunkhose and embroidery.