The Kitchen. Still.

Chapter 2,806: When Will It End?

Since last we left our intrepid (insipid?) builder, the inside was nearing completion. I am happy to report that it is finished – almost.

The cauldron is done, the loading/cleanout door in place. There’s a need for rope caulk around the top, which will be done the next time it’s fired.

The inside plastering is done, thanks to a stalwart crew that came out Labor Day weekend. They were, and are, a special bunch.

Special they are, but you can’t argue with the results.

With the plastering done, the floor could be laid. This was a job for a professional, and it was worth it.

All that remains inside is to finish the oven (which is already usable), and the shelves, shutters and doors. The outside has some plastering to finish. The oven and plastering will have to wait for warmer weather.

Even so, the current state is pretty awesome.