Gardiner’s Company Store

Our fearless Secretary and Treasurer have been the brains and brawn behind the Gardiner’s Company Store, which has shown up at a variety of Atlantian events from Night on the Town to Holiday Faire, with the occasional showing at Sapphire/Ruby Joust and Twelfth Night. Stocking various sundries, and also peddling some used clothes, all the proceeds have gone to Gardiner’s Company to help with projects such as funding the site for Yule, paying for the land clearing for the upcoming tavern, and helping with materials and engineering for the kitchen building. The Company Store has also been helpful in getting a few members and friends clothed.

If you need or desire anything, you can reach these ladies at

Headcoverings, plain and fancy
Headcoverings, plain and fancy, and credit cards accepted.
Clothes for sale
Clothes for sale

Shifts for ladies

Shirts and Trunkhose for gentlemen

Shifts for ladies, trunkhose and shirts for gentlemen

Bobbins, books, bottles, and such
Bobbins, books, bottles, and such

We appreciate all our customers who have helped Gardiner’s Company reach our current goals, and look forward to future customers and our future projects. And we’d be completely lost without Mistress Carlyle, our Treasurer, and Mistress Hamilton, our Secretary, for all the hard work they do in addition to being our cooks and keeping us fed. They are our quiet heroes!

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